Emergency Orthodontist Canberra

In a braces related emergency please contact Glenn Carty Orthodontics and we will schedule an emergency appointment for you. In the meantime, please peruse the most common causes for distress below.

My teeth hurt

After braces have been attached it is usual for teeth and gums to become tender or sore within the following 24 hours. This initial discomfort usually lasts for around 3-7 days with pain typically declining around 3-4 days. Paracetamol or Ibuprofen will help to relieve this discomfort. A soft diet is also recommended.

My lips and cheeks hurt

During the first few weeks of treatment your lips and cheeks may become sore. If it is troubling you, place your orthodontic wax or silicone on the offending bracket. If you are out of wax, please speak with one of our friendly team. They will be delighted to assist you.

My braces bracket broke

If a bracket or metal band is loose or broken, please make an appointment with us as soon as possible.

Emergency Orthdontist Canberra

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