Children’s Orthodontist Canberra

Children’s Orthodontics

  • Can correct facial growth
  • Can improve airway and nasal respiration
  • Can minimise muscle, skeletal and dental problems later in life
  • Can provide relief from speech impediments
  • Can minimise the need for tooth extraction
  • Can corrects bite and orofacial structures
  • Can resolve functionality problems

Early orthodontic treatment could potentially give your children a beautifully healthy smile for life

It is important that children commence their orthodontic treatment at the appropriate time and age of their lives. At Glenn Carty Orthodontics we take into consideration your child’s age and development, both from a social and oral health perspective.

We don’t believe in treating children before they are ready

Which is why we attempt to create long lasting relationships with each and every patient so we can track their development and changes over time. We lay the foundations for maintaining excellent oral health; helping eliminate any anxieties your child may experience when visiting an orthodontist. We create a familiarity between your child and our orthodontic team that will help them feel relaxed and comfortable about their treatment options.

Early Orthodontics with Oral Appliances

We don’t believe in treating children before they are ready, which is why it is important that you have your child’s smile assessed at an early age by a qualified orthodontist.  If your child is exhibiting functionality or speech problems, or if your child is socially impacted by the condition of their smile, early orthodontics with oral appliances may be recommended. Book a consultation with Dr Carty for more information regarding the oral appliances available.

Children’s Orthodontist Canberra

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