Braces Canberra

Crooked or overlapping teeth can cause undesirable effects on your appearance, which is why Glenn Carty Orthodontist provides modern braces.

At Glenn Carty Orthodontist in Canberra, we have a great fascination of teeth. We understand that the appearance and functionality of your smile is important to you, which is why we provide patients with accurate treatments and advice.

At Glenn Carty Orthodontist we are passionate about providing our patients with quality conventional and ceramic braces

Utilising the very latest in modern orthodontics, Dr Carty offers a variety of orthodontic treatments that will assist in straightening your smile. Our braces are much less noticeable than traditional braces with smaller, more discreet brackets and fine, strong wires.

You’re comfort is important to us, which is why we offer treatments that require fewer adjustments, faster tooth movements, less pressure, and greater comfort during treatment. Our braces are able to achieve superior results and work towards completely transforming the smile.

Braces Canberra

Braces are used to guide your teeth or bite into a more functional and aesthetically pleasing position. The treatment consists of a number of attachments that are bonded to the teeth, which are then connected by wires (and in some instances, elastic bands) to gently move your teeth over time.  Treatment can range between 12-24 months depending on your current situation.

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