Case Study 4

Crooked upper and lower front teeth


A mother presented with her teenage son concerned with the crowding of his front teeth.

Examination showed that the teenager had recently lost 1 baby tooth and a further 3 baby teeth remained. The teenager was placed on observation [recall] to wait for his last 3 baby teeth to fall out. Twenty six months later the teenager presented again for follow-up with his adult teeth in place. The teenager was judged to be ready to commence treatment.

Treatment Performed:

Treatment was undertaken without removal of adult teeth. Braces were attached to his upper and lower teeth. An estimated timeframe of ‘24 months or thereabouts’ was provided. Treatment extended over a period of 26 months. Elastics [rubber bands] were not needed during treatment.


This young male was motivated to co-operate with treatment and maintained a high level of oral hygiene [tooth and gum cleaning] throughout.  The end result – one happy young man and an equally happy parent.

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