Case Study 1

Eye teeth are crooked


This female teenager presented concerned about the crowding of her teeth.

Examination showed  severe upper and lower crowding of her eye teeth [canines] on the RHS,  a poor fit  of her teeth  together, excessive overlapping of her front teeth [moderately deepened overbite ] and the middle  of her upper and lower teeth offset to the RHS of her face.

Treatment Performed:

Two approaches for treatment were proposed:

  1. Try and treat without permanent tooth removal
  2. Treat with removal of adult teeth

Treatment commenced without removal of adult teeth. Braces were attached to her upper and lower teeth.  Space was opened in her upper and lower jaws on her RHS to fit her canines in. Elastic bands were worn to correct the fit of her teeth and reduce the vertical overlap of her front teeth. Treatment extended over a period of 23 months.  Following removal of her braces her very back top teeth [upper second molars] were removed to create space for their substitution with the later eruption of her upper wisdom teeth.


Thanks to excellent patient co-operation with elastic band wear and cleaning of her teeth, a fantastic result has been achieved. Her teeth are now well aligned and bite together properly. The cosmetic and functional improvements are dramatic with a lovely smile being achieved.

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