Adult Braces Canberra

At Dr Glenn Carty Orthodontist we offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic treatments that are suitable for adults here in Canberra.

If you have considered getting braces for some time but have been deterred out of fear of embarrassment, then we have the treatment for you.

At Glenn Carty Orthodontist Canberra we offer virtually invisible orthodontic treatments that will allow you to smile freely. We understand that your smile is the last thing you need to be embarrassed about, which is why we offer conventional braces, clear braces and invisible aligners to our adult patients.

Conventional Braces

It may sound like conventional braces are not a good solution for adults, but here at Glenn Carty Orthodontist we use smaller more discreet brackets and wires compared to older versions of traditional braces. Conventional braces are the most cost effective solution. Find out more about conventional braces.

Clear Braces

Ceramic brackets blend in better with the natural teeth. this treatment utilises wires with aesthetic clips and ties to add to the invisible effect. Clear braces are also known as ceramic braces. Find out more about clear braces.

Invisible Aligners

Invisible aligners are a great treatment option for the less complex cases. The treatment times vary depending on the treatment you need. This treatment uses thin plastic trays to gently shift the teeth over time. Find out more about invisible aligners. 

The Dr Glenn Carty Difference

Here at Glenn Carty Orthodontist, we ensure each patient receives the compassionate care they deserve, which is why we provide tailored treatments to suit each and every patient’s needs. When you visit Glenn Carty Orthodontist, you are being treated by a specialist orthodontist (not a general dentist) who performs each and every treatment himself.

There are a number of personal factors that need to be taken into consideration when getting braces during adulthood. We consider your work, family, lifestyle and availability for treatment. Adult treatment can be completed within 12-24 months and is recommended for those wishing to transform the appearance of their smile.

Adult Braces Canberra

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