Braces for Teens Canberra

Orthodontic treatment is typically undertaken during the adolescent years where the baby teeth have been removed and full adult teeth have erupted.

During this time, orthodontic treatment is encouraged as patients are still experiencing facial growth and thus, orthodontic treatment can be simple, comfortable and minimally-invasive. Orthodontic treatment can be used to align crowded teeth, correct jaw functionality and improve the bite; producing a smile that not only looks good, but functions at its full potential.

Braces for teens Canberra

If orthodontic treatment is undertaken during the adolescent years, treatment times can last between 12-18 months. If treatment is not carried out during this time, patients may need braces for longer. The time frame recommended by Dr Carty during your assessment and consultation will ensure that teeth are aligned and bite is corrected.

Orthodontic Options – Braces and Clear Braces

For adolescents, we offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments tailored to your needs. These include ceramic braces (clear braces) for those wishing to blend braces in with the natural tone of the teeth. Metal braces are another alternative that is offered where patients can choose the colour of their brackets to mimic their vibrant personalities. That’s where our kaleidoscope of colours comes into the picture. Patients can choose from a combination of colours to express their style or lifestyle.

The Glenn Carty Difference

At Glenn Carty Orthodontics we use miniature, low-profile brackets that are smaller and less bulky than conventional standard braces. Alternatively, we offer transparent braces for those wishing to better disguise the fact they are straightening their smile.

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